Replacement Bearings for Pro

Hi folks,
Has anyone used these to replace bearings on their Pro?

Walfront Open Linear Ball Bearing Slide Block Carriage Slider for Rail Guide CNC, HGH20CA, 20mm, Slider : Industrial & Scientific

The universal constant is you get what you pay for with bearings.

The product listed doesn’t state a grade and the cost is very low.

Good point - It might not be the best choice. I’m in Canada and ordering from Avid means tons of shipping and duties - Its often way cheaper to find something thats already on this side of the border. As far as I can see, Avid doesn’t give the specs of those bearings (Just the nominal dimensions). If anyone can recommend something that fits and is decent I’d really appreciate it. :pray:

Okay I have a bearing block out. I believe its a Hiwin HG20. but there’s more to the spec.
I think this is the data sheet. It’s definitely the Square type. Mine measures 24mm high. I’m Guessing HGL-CA? Anyone know well enough to confirm?
Linear_Guideway-(E).pdf (227.9 KB)