Upgrade to Hiwin linear on standard 4x4

New to the forum and cnc world.
Located in Western North Carolina.
I just recently purchased a used Standard 4x4 from someone who somewhat neglected it as far as sufficient cleaning on a regular basis.
So before purchasing skate bearings and all the necessary items needed to bring it back to my OCD standards I was wondering if there’s a way to upgrade to the pro version?
I’m also considering a spindle and need some input as far as what is a good combination to purchase.
It’s currently running Mach 3,NEMA 23,Gecko 540.
No proximity sensors yet but plan on purchasing them also.
I’m sure I’m forgetting several things but would appreciate any input on leading me as to what items are needed to get it up and running efficiently.
I plan on mostly working with HPDE, Wood, Acrylics and some aluminum occasionally.
Thanks for the advice!

I would call avid that would be best or make appointment for them to call you. Tell them what you have and what you’re planning. Easy pleasy

Actually talked with them today and bad news!
No doable with the standard version.
But I have to say they are top notch on advice and ordering what I needed to bring this one back to where it should operate like it should.