Heart Box - Cherry with Purple Epoxy

Another item finished…cherry wood with purple epoxy. I originally did some of these on my Tormach PCNC, but now I’m making a few on my Avid 4896. I can make them about 4 times faster than I previously could!

You can see the video of me making one on the old machine here: Heart Box - CNC Woodworking - Making an epoxy and wood box with a CNC router - YouTube

Basically, I machine the “mold” directly into my wood stock, fill it with epoxy, and then machine the shape. I developed a few new jigs for alignment on the Avid CNC that make two sided machining easier to setup and more repeatable.

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Oh yes, that is a great way to do epoxy. I do the same thing with the Inlay work I do in wood. Cut the cavity where you want it to go, pour it in and let it cure and then machine right through it at the same time as sculpting the wood afterward. Great way to do it! And yes, these look great!

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Yeah! Do you have any photos of the work you’ve been doing with epoxy and wood? I’m super interested to see what other people have been doing.

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Here were a couple I posted to the forum, each of these have two different in-lay pours that I cut then poured then machined through both the epoxy and wood to sculpt the surface, and then a third thick clear pour on top.
Entryway table
Entryway bench seat

I’ve got a couple other projects that I did on the AVIDcnc in wood and epoxy. Mostly similar to the two above though, so I didn’t post them so as to not to bore ppl with a nearly identical repeat. They were just variations on a theme for other ppl.

A lot of my other work with epoxy has been cutting simple aluminum 2-part molds making parts for the robots.




That gives you and idea at least. I use a similar process to make rubberized flexible parts as well…

Awesome! Yeah, I did see your entry way table project, and it is super cool. I’m relatively new to the forum (and my Avid), so I’m still getting to know who does what stuff. Great work!! Keep posting your projects when you make new stuff; variations are always fun to see too. Sometimes it sparks some new idea for something else.

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Awesome work, @corbin and thanks for sharing your methods! That helps me see some additional possibilities I had not considered before. You’ve earned another subscriber. Hope to learn more!

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Thanks @DavidsPostProcessor ! I’ve got some new techniques on how to do two-sided machining of organic shapes, which people might find useful. I’m working through a bunch of video footage…I’ll have some new things out soon!