How to re-zero the Z axis with next bit once most of the material is milled away.

Would anyone know how to re-zero the Z axis with the next bit when there isn’t any original material left from the origin Z axis zero?


Always zero to the spoilboard. Your cuts should all be in the positive. This will save wear on your spoilboard and allow you to have a reliable Z axis reference.

The trick is in your CAM package, set the origin for the model at the bottom when calculating your tool paths.

I use Fusion 360, not the other packages so its a matter of clicking the bottom point on the stock.

Of course you can also make a known touch off point somewhere else on the machine and use that but that can be difficult getting calibrated correctly.

Thank you for the info.

Solid advice. There are other options, but require some pre-planning. You can find a litany of discussions and videos covering this topic, but the tier 1 solution is ‘zero to base of work’.

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