Is is possible to extend the editing period of a post?

It appears that the edit feature for a post is only available for about 24 hours. Is it possible to make that at least a few days (or indefinite)? 24 hours isn’t very long. For example, there was a problem with a link in one of my posts today that someone pointed out, and I can no longer go in and fix it.

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The 24 hour limit is there for newer users. It’s a spam prevention thing. The longer you’re here the higher your “trust level” gets. Once you get to level 4 you have 30 days where you can edit.

I just elevated you to level 4 so you should be good to go. If you can’t fix your post just private message me with the change you want and I will do it for you.

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Thanks Eric. Hopefully I can go a day w/o bugging you now :slight_smile:


Eric, what is the maximum trust level? Is it level 4 or higher? And how does the post editing time limit change for other levels of trust?

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Great question, here’s what I think is the best answer:

TLDR is the more you interact with the forum the faster your “trust level” gets raised. The point of the system is to encourage people to come back, and also to prevent spam.

Luckily we’re not a forum of tens of thousands of people, so as needed I’m upgrading anyone to higher trust levels if they request/have a need for it.

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