Is there a CNC equivalent to 3d print sharing sites like thingiverse?

Now that I’ve got my system running well, I’d like to start doing more with it. For my 3dprinter it was pretty easy because there’s a dozen different STL sharing sites for 3d printers. Is there anything like that for CNC?

I’ve noticed that thingiverse does have a couple items but it’s not nearly the depth of catalogue for cnc like there is for 3d printing.

I would imagine that a lot of CNC users are businesses and not likely to share stuff they sell commercially, and that’s fine. I’m looking for more like one-off designs - a shelf/stand for my tools/CNC computer/etc that would save me some time from designing it from scratch (though I can/will if I have to - lol).

Thingiverse models can be cut on your CNC. They even have models specific to just 3 axis process like laser, plasma and spindle. A 3D printer is just an additive process but the models are all the same.

Search for CAD model sharing on Google. There are tons of them out there. Some paid, some free, some share-a-like.

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: any in particular you recommend?

Well, I design my own stuff but I did some clicking around and a bunch of the “Art” models are flat designs

You can check Etsy too. Search for “CNC files”. I sell some files on there.

Thingiverse, GrabCad, Instructables, Obrary, maybe It can take some digging.

I am in the same situation. I did cut out Build Your Own CNC Workstation Cart | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories I also really liked working through the instructional video provided by @AvidCNC . I also really like

Good luck

I wish there was a central place like Thingiverse and Printables. The links others have mentioned are good.

You can still find the OpenDesk files around if you look hard enough: GitHub - timrolls/Opendesk: Opendesk Design/CNC files

I’ve made a lot of those over the years and while a challenge, they are quite fun.

I did a nice easy to make hack of the Olivia Desk a few years ago: Digitally Fabbed

(free download)

You can make my sawhorse for free as well: Digitally Fabbed

Maybe we should start a repo here… The forum has Wiki support!

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