Laser System Not for Standard model AVID CNC

Unfortunately at this time the Laser system is only available for the Pro models. Bummer for those of us that don’t have the Pro model. The reason for this is that the Z plate is different and won’t fit the new hardware in the same way. It looks like for right now the only option is attaching the laser with a bracket and magnets to existing Z plate as others have done. Thanksgiving dinner flashback: No cool toys for the kids table. Kicking myself for “saving money” and getting standard instead of Pro version.

@Eric, I just noticed that the standard machines aren’t on the AVID site any longer, did you guys stop selling those models?

@jjneeb they are listed under the CNC Kits and Parts Bundles;

@subnoize Got to it first… @jjneeb we did recently move the categories of the website around a bit.

As you may have noticed we’re now offering Pro machines as full turn-key kits. The Standard machines are just not listed as full turn-key machines now.

With both Pro and Standard you can order them as full machines (control systems, legs, frame, etc) or as individual parts.