Laser works but not working

Ran into the input error again, so figured I’d just install the current version of everything from Avid, 4809 and 298.

I can get a test fire going, but for some reason I’m not getting a response with gcode. I typically run m67, but I tried with the older m62 and nothing also.

Not sure what I’m missing? Any changes in 298 that I need to account for in gcode that I missed?

I am in the same boat with you. The newest version of Mach and ESS drivers broke my older m67 version. Specifically, the laser will turn on but the power level never seems to go above 30-40%. When i need to laser I find myself switching back to the older version of Mach and ESS to get the laser to operate at full power. I am using a 7 Watt spindle mounted JTech laser.

Don’t have a laser but I’m familiar with touring the Warp9 docs and troubleshooting. There’s this note on their Getting Started page, maybe it’s of use (below SETUP Step 2A) Setting up the SmoothStepper and Mach4

ESS build 278 (and higher) changed the name of the output signals for Spindle PWM and Laser PWM on the output signals tabs. This was done to reflect that the Spindle is now also Analog out 0 for M67 and that the Laser is now Analog Out 1 for M67. **As you switch between 277 or lower and 278 or higher, you will lose your Laser PWM and Spindle PWM pin assignments on the output signals tab.

To my knowledge there was not any laser specific changes in 298. I’m not sure which versions you were coming from though, there were a lot of changes in the 278-283 range. I haven’t noticed any issues with vector or raster lasering with 298.

If either of you want to send me your Machine.ini files ( I can take a look to see if there is anything I can see that is out of whack in the setup.


Thanks Jim. I’ve been running the newer version for a while now, so not sure what would have changed? I thought I’d post here rather than going straight to your email like I did in the past. I’ll shoot my machine.ini your way over the weekend. I got by with milling this project, so not a rush at least.

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Hello ,

I have the same problem here, since i update to avid newest Mach 4 version the laser won’t work. I had to move le laser PMW to ESS Port 3 Pin 4 to be able to make a fire test, but it don’t work with Gcode.
Have you find any solution?

Are you using one of our 15 Watt laser kits or is this a home-brew laser?

It s an opt 15w that i purchased directly from them some years ago

Fact is that i don’t have the Avid mounting system wich require comprssed air, so i’m guessing that there is something wrong about the ESS pin assignements

After some tweaks it seems to get in the right way. For me the problem comes from the laser gate. In the ESS I reassigned P3-6 to the laser gate, on the output signals, i made sure it was on output 5, according to the laser Tab, and all came ok.