Looking for advice on rebuilding machine

I am moving my 48-96 pro machine to my new home, 600-miles from the original location. I broke it down into three sections, the gantry, the table, and the legs. It will be fairly easy to re-assemble the machine, but after reading some of the posts on here about alignment and replacing worn parts, can anyone lend advice as to maintenance on the machine as I re-assemble it? I have noticed that the X-axis makes a noise in a particular spot where it sees the most usage. Maybe the gear in the rack and pinion but it does not make the noise on the far left or far right as it is jogged, just in the center section.

I will align everything when I rebuild it, but is there anything that I should be doing during this process? I’ve read posts (cannot remember where) about cutting a more perfect circle etc. Maybe that’s a Mach 4 issue, but while I am doing all of this realignment work, I’d sure like advice as to getting the machine more perfect than a complete newbie when the machine was assembled out of the boxes.

I appreciate you opinions and advice.

Just make sure the machine is as square as 8020 will allow.

Of course, now that you are re-using screws and nuts be careful you don’t strip them.

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If the noise is very different in the area that is used a lot its probably worn. Since you taking it apart thats a good time to replace the rack and pinion. However, it really depends on what kind of work you are doing. If you are just cutting cabinet parts or something similar and don’t need great accuracy then you may have a lot of life left in them for your needs.

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Thanks. I should go ahead and replace it while it is already apart.