Mini keyboard issue

This is about the 3rd mini keyboard I’ve had over the years, but this one seems to buffer the keystrokes which means that the gantry keeps moving after the button is released. This can be hard on the nerves. I feel like it may be a windows setting but I can’t find it. Any ideas?

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Are you sure it’s the mini keyboard? Mach sometimes can buffer jog commands depending on how you have it setup

Or (possibly) move from wireless to wired USB. I had a wireless jog pendant for a few short weeks and traded it out for a hard wired one + a long USB cable and issues I was having, similar to what you are describing, but with a pulse generator / jog wheel, went away. Can’t say for certain this is the problem you are having but it does sound a little similar.

How do I setup for non buffer? and thanks!

Mach runs on a buffer. You can tweak it’s settings but I don’t recommend that. I mentioned it because you might want to see if it’s jogging in general, or jogging with that particular wireless keyboard.

If you can jog with a wired keyboard and get the same issue it’s the behavior of Mach, if you can only create that behavior with that mini keyboard you might want to look into a different one.

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