New Product Announcement: Avid CNC Laser System

New Product Announcement: Avid CNC Laser System

Today, we’re announcing a brand new add-on accessory for your Avid CNC: an Opt 15-watt diode laser cutting and engraving system.

Diode lasers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason: Their compact size makes them an ideal complement to spindle cutting systems, adding the ability to cut fine details as well as engrave materials before or after machining. With 15W of actual optical power, our laser system can cut a wide range of wood-based materials, leather, textiles, plastics, and more, as well as engrave metals such as steel and anodized aluminum.

For these reasons, we decided to design and engineer a laser system that can work on our precision machine platform. Unsatisfied with solutions that require the user to design their mounting system, pneumatics, and electrical connections, we set about making our system as easy as possible to set up and use.

Some features of our laser system:

  • Pneumatically controlled: The laser head pneumatically lowers down when you need it and pulls up and out of the way automatically when you don’t.
  • Integrated Wiring: We packed all of the solenoids, relays, regulators, and air valves into one easy-to-mount control box. No fussing with building your system.
  • Software: Our Mach 4 control software features a suite of setup and calibration utilities to help you get up and running fast.
  • Opt laser: We partnered with Opt lasers because they make the best diode lasers in the business. Each laser is manufactured, hand-assembled, and calibrated in a cleanroom environment. In short, this laser is built to be accurate and work hard.
  • Support: As you’ve come to expect from Avid CNC, we have clear and easy-to-follow instructions, backed by the best support people in the business.

Whether you’re trying to up your side hustle game or do production laser engraving, this system is designed and built to be the longest-lasting, hardest-working, and easiest-to-set-up laser system on the market.

Reserve one today using the link below