One dust collection solution

Hi, I’ve assembled my 4X10 CNC and it came time to hook up dust collection. I have a suspended ceiling so I don’t have a lot of room between the top of the gantry and the ceiling. I purchased a Rockler Ceiling track system that I saw other users put up. Turns out that is not a good solution.

  1. If you don’t go down the center of the track the rollers will bind. This might be less of a problem the higher you ceiling is.
  2. If you tighten the hanger, 4 inch hook in my case, and the hose twists the rollers will bind in the track.
  3. Their track extrusion is pretty awful. The transition from one tract to the other had a large difference I had to file down.
    I tried different hangers to see if I could fix the problem with no success. My final solution was to use the wire hangers I used to hang my 70ft of 6 inch dust collection tubes. I have two wires setup. One down the Y axis and the other on the X axis. I use a washer to slide the flexible hose on the wires. The wire on the Y axis is 8ft long and is attached to a 2x3 I attached to the rafters above using threaded rod. The X axis is about 6ft long and hangs form the same 2x3 as the Y axis and a 2x3 I used to anchor the end of the dust collection pipe. This works well with no interference anywhere on the table.

dust collection 1
This is with the dust collector turned off.

dust collection 2
This is with the dust collector turned on.

Another view.

Last view

Kit for using wire for hanging and etc.

I did something similar.

My “maybe next project” is an active pulley system using the VL53L5CX sensor to read the gantry position. It would look down and see the gantry and calculate the distance required to place the 4 inch hose over the spindle.

If anyone wants to beat me to it, go for it; SparkFun Qwiic ToF Imager - VL53L5CX - SEN-18642 - SparkFun Electronics

It is another one of those low hanging fruit projects prime for a first-timer.

This is what I did and it has worked very well for me. Swiveling Dust Collection Boom for CNC - YouTube

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Nice phaidinyak! Pretty smart setup!

I made a similar setup to AncientCowboy’s. One difference is I have an additional swivel joint in the ductwork was well. The duct swivel joint is a 3D printed creation, and the swivel joint for the 2x4 boom rotates on a weldment using a 1" pin with HDPE bushings. It has a spring return, so it is always biased to one side. My ceiling is 7 1/2’ so the duct hanging below the boom is low enough that the cable carrier of the CNC would hit.

I was very concerned before I bought my machine that I could have a good dust collection system with my super low ceiling that didn’t require babysitting. This thing works beautifully.

I was told by Avid I could shorten the track for the Z axis. They use the same length for both an 8 and 12 inch system. I took four links out. Nice dust setup.

I noticed that Z-axis cable carrier seemed extra long. Thanks for confirming my suspicions! I didn’t know they use the same length for both the 8" and 12" gantry options.

If you’re going to remove some they are just force fitted together. Pry one side up and over the link below to remove the other side. It’s a pain to get something under the link to pry it up. There’s probably a better way.

Don’t know if this helps, but here’s my solution in my garage/shop.

Mounted it off a beam in between the bays, but could easily be made to mount on a wall. Just squared, levelled and plumbed the base, then used some regular door hinges to allow the gantry to swivel at the wall mount and at the head.

This was meant to be a temporary solution until I could replace most of the flex tubing with hard pipe, but you know how that goes. :laughing:

Ed T.

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