Dust hose support

What is the best way to support the dust hose so it does not get caught on the z axis drag chain. My dust shoe hose connects in the front of the spindle. I have the hose supported on a rail above the machine?

I have the 3D printed guide described in The Ultimate Dust Collection Hose Clamp! - YouTube. I further zip tied my hose to the top of the z-axis cable guide. The hose then goes to a bungie cord attached to Rockler’s rolling track before attaching to the swivel dust port to my dust collector pipes.

It works pretty well for my 5x10 Pro with a some occasional hose untwisting on my part (plus the Rockler roller will bind and not move sometimes.)

I used some bar stock and roll in t-nuts bolted to the Z axis and bungee cords with blast gates to select between machines.

Thanks for the info. I ended up doing this, uni-strut with carriers, I just tied to the Z drag chain with some velcro strips. I may add something similar to what you Brian uses if this does not work out.

Looks like you got it!

Yup. Just need to learn how to use it now. LOL!

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So the new machines don’t have the steel brackets? If that is the case it seems like a step backwards when it comes to stiffening the frame. I just recently received the kit to extend to 10’ and it has extrusions cut @ 45 deg those must be the brace.

Nope mine came with the 80/20 cut and drilled. I may make some steel one’s later and swap them out.