Power Brown-out did something to my machine

While doing a v-bit pocket, we experienced a brown-out lowering voltage to around 70v on all three phases. Avid 5x10 Pro NEMA 34 w/8.7hp spindle acted really strange before shutting down. Re-started the machine and homed normally. Jogging in all three axis starts to move, then stalls. No error messages from Mach-4 hobby. Motor control cabinet shows all green LEDs on the boards. Something changed with the brown-out that affected all three axis. Anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to attempt a job until I am certain there is no damage. Machine is 1.5 Yrs old and only used on a couple of small jobs. Only now taking time to get it up and running.

Oddly enough, I seem to have solved my own problem. I had already rebooted EVERYTHING twice, but the third time seems to be the charm. I’m back to operations as usual after the brown-out power failure scare.

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On this topic, does anyone have any sort of surge protection on their 220 or 3 phase power feeds?

I actually came across an 8000VA UPS recently that I’m thinking about using for my router,… It needs several hundred dollars worth of batteries.



I got it for $100 with the caddies, but no batteries.

Edit: actually I got a set of supermicro server rails as well that were worth at least $30… so technically I paid even less.

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“I got it for $100-”

Wow- batteries or no, that was a steal!

Yeah, apparently the guy was moving and he and his wife were looking to get rid of some stuff. With the server rails, I paid hardly anything for it.

I’m hoping that it can provide clean power for the motion control and spindle and I really just want enough runtime to emergency stop gracefully if the power goes out.

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I once had a momentary power outage, like just a flicker of power outage for a second or less. I was in the middle of running a tool path and the results were “exciting”. The laptop running mach4 was undisturbed (battery backup). The stepper motor controller and spindle controller momentarily lost power. The stepper motors kept working but the spindle stopped and did not spin back up again, so the bit was just being dragged across the material. Obviously, the work on the table was wrecked, router bit bent, and lots of axis mis steps!

It would be great if the controller had a safety feature that stops the axes control in the cases where there are power interruptions like that.

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It’s perplexing that there is not such a feature.