Power Brown-out did something to my machine

While doing a v-bit pocket, we experienced a brown-out lowering voltage to around 70v on all three phases. Avid 5x10 Pro NEMA 34 w/8.7hp spindle acted really strange before shutting down. Re-started the machine and homed normally. Jogging in all three axis starts to move, then stalls. No error messages from Mach-4 hobby. Motor control cabinet shows all green LEDs on the boards. Something changed with the brown-out that affected all three axis. Anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to attempt a job until I am certain there is no damage. Machine is 1.5 Yrs old and only used on a couple of small jobs. Only now taking time to get it up and running.

Oddly enough, I seem to have solved my own problem. I had already rebooted EVERYTHING twice, but the third time seems to be the charm. I’m back to operations as usual after the brown-out power failure scare.

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On this topic, does anyone have any sort of surge protection on their 220 or 3 phase power feeds?

I actually came across an 8000VA UPS recently that I’m thinking about using for my router,… It needs several hundred dollars worth of batteries.



I got it for $100 with the caddies, but no batteries.

Edit: actually I got a set of supermicro server rails as well that were worth at least $30… so technically I paid even less.