RapidChange ATC: ATC for ER20 (and other) spindles

I had in my head that Rapidchange refused to execute from the MDI screen until I did a home so I left that out. Now you have me paranoid so I will double check that as soon as I am done with a couple of jobs. Thanks for the heads up, should have double checked that to start.

Yeah- I tried a simple tool change button without homing and without a check and it set off merrily flailing about in thin air

I’m going to send a note to James at RC. They absolutely need to check the home status before executing. I failed to test for that.

From James:

"On the M6 and M131 there is a commented out line of code:
– rcSub.Validate_HomeXYZ()

Just uncomment this, and it will verify that the machine is homed."

I tried it on my machine and it works correctly.

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What’s the software config for Mach 4 for the Rapidchange? On the discord they noted that it must be a specific version of Mach 4 which is newer than the Avid setup. I was playing around with trying to transfer the Avid config to the base version of Mach 4. Does the macro setup work with the Avid version?

EDIT: Actually I see that there’s a very new update to the Mach4 package for Avid

Yes the latest avid update meets the rapid change recommended version. I didn’t have any issues running it on the previous version of Avid’s mach4 though.

There’s a pdf in the rapid change mach4 download with basic instructions of what to put where. It’s very basic - unzip into the Mach 4 folder, copy modules and macros to certain folders etc. run the wizard and set up pocket location, spindle speeds etc.

Make sure you’ve done the reverse spindle and speed mods we discussed earlier in the thread.

You need to use the rapid change tool setter macro to set z height, rather than avid’s wizard.

That’s pretty much it- very simple setup.

Re enabling home check in the macros: Reckon this should be enabled by default. It’s something we’ll need to remember to check/set if we ever upgrade the RapidChange mach4 installation

I agree, not sure why they had it commented out.