Roller diameter

Can someone tell me the Diameter of PRO NEMA 34 Roller Drive Spindle? please help. Thank you

1/2" I think. 12.7mm in metric. But from the website;

  • The R&P system is based on a pinion with a 1" pitch circle. The total linear distance traveled per revolution of the pinion is thus 3.14159". With the 3.2:1 reduction, this means that the distance traveled per motor revolution is 3.14159 / 3.2, or 0.9817". If you have a stepper with 200 steps per revolution, this means you have 200 / 0.9817" = 203.718 steps per inch, or 0.004908" per step. With 10x microstepping , you would have 2037.18 steps per inch, or 0.0004908" per step.
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I’ll agree with the web site. The drive pinion is PI inches per revolution and 20 teeth; the rack has 20 teeth per PI inches, or about 0.1571 IPT. Just less than 4mm (3.9898mm). Learned this the hard way :wink:

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Thank you for your quick response, however, I would like to know the larger diameter of the Aluminum gear not the pinion.
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according to my notes, those are 5GT gears, the one on the motor is 20 tooth and the larger one 64. So 64*5mm = 320mm circumference, or 101.9mm pitch diameter Actual OD might vary, but a quick check with a ruler says I’m close :wink: