Small chamfer on dogholes?

I wanted to put a small chamfer on my dogholes on my spoilboard after about 2 hours i couldn’t figure it out and did it manually with a trimrouter is there a way to do that with the cnc an a 45 degree v bit?

What are you using for CAM operations? Is the spoil board still located in the same position as when the dogholes were cut?

I would make concentric circles a tad smaller than the dogholes (like .0625), zero on the machine bed and cut “on” the lines of the smaller circles at an appropriate depth (like say .125) - whatever depth gives you the depth of chamfer you want.

Yes I have vcarve Pro and yes it’s in the same spot with the original program. I’m gonna try twigs ideas tomorrow on some Pieces and see how that works
Thanks guy’s

If you are using Vectric there are lots of ways to do it. I use the chamfer toolpath for this kind of thing usually, but with a 45 degree bit its easy to figure out what size circle and cut depth to do it as well.

ooh is there a chamfer function built in to vcarve?


Right… That’s definitely a better way then!

Well !! No wonder I couldn’t find anything they’re putting it over there lol :laughing:

I think it was a gadget a few years ago and it was popular enough that they turned it into a toolpath.

I 2nd chamfer tool path, use it all the time,.

Screenshot of 4mm chamfer settings.
Select your dog holes as the vectors.
Adjust depth to suit your needs.


Thank you!! Marlin_Studio :wink:

No worries.

Things are different if round-over edges are concerned.

I am about to do a project with round-overs. I’ll post my finds shortly.

Do you use the chamfer toolpath for roundovers?