Unsupported browser notification - started today

Running iOS 14.4.1 on my iPAD Pro 1st gen - logged on to site yesterday successfully - today when I try to log on I get “unsupported browser type” - tried Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome - all respond w/unsupported browser error - something change on the site since yesterday?
Thanks, Scott

Nothing has changed on our end… What I do know is that on ios all browsers (except safari) are forced to use the same rendering engine, so Edge/Chrome/any other browser is essentially the same.

I wonder if it’s because you’re several versions old on your iOS install?

Thanks for quick reply - might be the iOS but why work yesterday and not today - nothing changed on my end either - weird. Oh well.

Ok, I did a little digging and our forum software was just updated and they are removing support for older versions of iOS it looks like.

Updating your iPad should solve the problem.

They all are derived from Webkit.org. The differences are the CSS and Javascript (ECMA-262) engines.

Thanks, I knew something had changed.