Vectric Cut3d liscense for sale $175 <sold>

Vectric Cut3d license for sale.
I am moving to Vcarve pro and won’t need this license.
Purchase date 6-12-2022. $260.

Is there no upgrade path from Cut3d to VCP? Pretty sure they will let you upgrade from Cut3d to VCP for just the difference.

From what I have found there is not one.

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Email them. You have will have to if you want to transfer anyway. Quite sure they will upgrade you for the difference.

There isn’t a path. I just want to give someone a great price on it. It worked well for me.

Ok. I missed that. I am not going to Aspire though.

It’s good for all upgrades

I just got an email back that there isnt an upgrade path for it. I would just like to sell it to someone for a reduced price.

Price drop. Now $250.

EDIT - added more

Price reduced to $240 obo.

That stinks…sorry…I am still suprised.

Price reduction. $225

Price reduced to $175.

License no longer available.