Vectric Laser Add-on

Hello all,

I assume that when purchasing the Laser Add-On from Vectric we use the “Other Controller” since Avid is not listed? Or does it not really matter as long as we have correct post-processor?


The laser module will use whatever post processors you have setup already in VCarve/Aspire

So that means you may need to alter or create post process that calls specific g code related to laser.

If you’re using Mach and the ESS (Avid CNC stock setup) warp 9 has a lot of info on their site about how to build a post.

Jim Neeb (on this forum) has done a ton of laser work. You can talk to him here or check out his YouTube videos.

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Thanks, that’s pretty much what I figured. It just threw me when I saw on the Vectric site the different selections.

Been doing CNC for a while, but this is my first toe being dipped into the Laser pond

And yes, I’ve been binge watching Jim’s videos :slight_smile:

I can second the fact that Jim Neeb is the go to man on all things laser and avid. And he is very approachable and responds quickly. I have been using his mach4 screen set for more than a year now, it has some custom laser tabs and settings I have come to depend on. I consider him a good friend.