Z Axis Oldham Coupler Specs

I am using Dela servo motors on my Avid Z axis. The shaft of the motor is 16mm. The Oldham coupler that came with the machine is too narrow of a diameter for my servo motor.

Does anyone know where I can order the motor-side Oldham coupler in a 16mm diameter?

Thanks in advance.

If you can’t find one, I have an openscad model for one you can tweak and 3D print:

(yes, I’m using plastic drive gears on my CNC. They work :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks for the quick reply. Ill 3d print one and this will give me dimensions of what to look out for for a metal one.

What material is best? PLA?

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Nylon if your printer supports it. It has the correct elasticity and abrasion resistance. PLA will age unfavorably but you could do it for 24 to 26 months before replacement.

If you have a Shore 95A TPU, that would work as well and might be easier to print for unheated build chamber type printers.

Agreed with nylon, although I can’t print that yet. I typicaly use PETG and replace as they wear. In theory PLA is stronger than PETG but that also means it fails more spectacularly and I’d rather not. PETG also handles heat better than PLA (but not nearly as good as ABS or nylon)

Regardless, print with what you have and then you’ll have a working machine until you can get a better part :wink:


Man I hate printing TPU, just as well use spaghetti for filament