Problem with my Z

Hi guys, earlier this year I was struggling with two projects the z would drop and cut to deep. So today I downloaded Mach 4 update an got that running and jogged the machine around with the arrow keys.
Took the z up an down about 10 times and it stopped going up So I took it apart an found one bolt loose in this photo (these are called Oldham couplings)

So what im thinking of doing is taking the bolt out putting some Loctite on it does that sound good or should I be looking for something else? One other thing is i don’t see any grease fittings on these small blocks how do you grease them?

Looking at the back of that bolt hole it doesn’t look like its machined very good


Don’t worry, it will work loose even with the loctite.

Put it on your checklist. I check it at least twice a month.

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Okay thanks!! Yeah these are small bolts an super fine thread its no wonder! Its working now!! :grin: