Machine not working

Need some help…

Moved my machine this past weekend about 8 feet and now it wont work. Y axis works well, Z axis only moves 1 way, x axis won’t move at all.

What have I done to trouble shoot?

Reinstalled Mach 4 - no luck.

Wiggled and jiggled the electrical connections hoping to find some loose connections - no luck.

Swapped ethernet cables - no luck.

Tried changing the step / direction to active low (high?) on the z axis as it will move up when jogging up or down - It move up no matter if I press the up or down button - no luck. DRO on the screen does move in the correct direction.

I swapped motor cables between X and Z axis - X axis now moves but only one way as I anticipated based on the actions of the Z. Rules out a bad motor I believe. It does lock up when powered up.

Still leaning towards a connection - possibly a bad board. I will get the multimeter out next time I am in the shop, but I thought I would inquire here in the meantime.

Did this include pushing on the control boards?

When I first got my machine, it wouldn’t move, and I had to do a service call. I was told to disconnect the power, open the cabinet, and jiggle/push the control boards into their sockets. After two tries, the motors started working. They said the boards sometimes work loose during shipping.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Best bet is to check this guide: Troubleshooting

And if that doesn’t yield anything you can contact support right on that troubleshooting page

Got it working - as Stephen mentioned, I needed to push on the control boards.

Glad you got it going!!