Z axis problems

I was running a surfacing program and didn’t like the way it was running so I stopped the program and since that point my z axis isn’t running properly. The z axis is making some not so great noises and really only wants to go down. I press the z up and it jumps down but if I hold the z up it will go down then go up. I love to hear your thoughts.

Machine is a Desktop Pro 24x24 with plug and play NEMA 23 electronics

Troubleshooting to this point.
- reset machine and computer
- Checked connections to z axis
- checked all connections to and in the control box to make sure they were seated properly
- I played with the motor tuning a little and nothing I did helped
Troubleshooting tomorrow
- check to see if the coupler is loose
- remove motor and see if the problem happens without any load
- swap x and z wiring to see if the problem follows

If you have any other troubleshooting ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks in advance

The Z axis has a brake to keep it from falling once the power is cut.

If that brake goes bad then it can exhibit what you are describing.

Contact AvidCNC and see what they say. They can usually remedy it pretty quick. They had mine back to me within a few days.

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So I think I found the problem. I was about to swap the x and z axis at the drivers when one if the wires for the z axis fell out if the phoenix connectors. After tightening that down all is back to normal. While I was in the control box I did the same for all phoenix connectors. I did find some to be a little loose but not like the one that fell out.

Subnoize thank you for the reply.

Cool! Glad to hear that. Loose wires are always easier to fix than a bad brake.