PRO4896 What is this Z axis noise

Hello Everyone,

I have some Z axis noise as it moves up and down. I made a quick YouTube short to see if someone here could possibly help me identify the issue and suggest a fix for the issue.

Thanks in advance

Have you taken the red dust covers off and peaked inside your Z axis?

Mine used to do this and I found out the pin the holds the brake in place had moved down a little and the brake was spinning. easy fix from the bottom side. i did have to take my z assembly apart to get it in place. no idea if this is your problem but it’s worth a look.

A set screw on my oldham’s coupling came lose on mine it sounded a little like that

Yeah, in addition to what others said: move the z-axis all the way up, take off the red cover, and tighten the brake set screw at the bottom. Mine was clicking a bit. I also added a little blue lock tight under it, and that helped; I had read about that somewhere…but I can’t find the document anymore (it was on Avid’s site).

Here’s another thread on the subject (I didn’t read it all, but it might help): Need Help! CNCRP/Avid CNC Pro Ballscrew Z Axis (12") Making Clicking Noise