Z Height upgrade

I am upgrading my 48x96 Router Parts with V rollers to linear rails and very excited about it. I bought the original machine used and the previous owner had the higher Z height. When Avid sent the upgrade it has a standard Z height and risers. Will my taller risers work with the standard Z height or was that a special or modified Z that the previous owner had bought? It’s only a couple inches and I know the lower risers will be more rigid but I rather the taller gantry. I have a 4th axis (rotary) that I have never used but would like to do I want the extra height. Any help would be appreciated.


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I would use the standard 8 inch risers, never taller. The more height you add the more ringing will be present and the more flexing the gantry will do in the Y axis direction.

You can use the 12" Z axis with the standard 8" risers. I have dual 12" axis on my gantry. It will get those long tools away from the stock if you decide to cut foam.