20 Series CNC Router

This topic area is for helping do the impossible: Building a large scale CNC router with 20 series extrusion.

Greetings! I’m in the process of crafting a 5’ by 9’ CNC routing table. The trusses for this project are constructed from 20 series extrusion, and I’ve incorporated 40mm spacers made of the same 20 series material. I’ve successfully assembled 2080 trusses using these 2020 spacers. Within their individual planes, the trusses demonstrate commendable rigidity. My next steps involve completing the table trusses and the gantry segment in the upcoming weeks.

My inspiration for this endeavor was AvidCNC. However, specialists at the University of Oklahoma Fabrication Lab were adamant about using the 40 series extrusion. Interestingly, their consistent recommendations only intensified my resolve to achieve my goal with the 20 series, leading me to tackle arising challenges step by step.

For the mechanical setup, we’ve employed a #25 chain drive, NEMA23 motors, and wheel-mounted plates, similar to those found in 3D printers.

With a task at hand to plane a farm table top, and considering our advancements with the routing table, it’s crucial that we set it up for a preliminary test.

For this endeavor, I would like to use:

  • (1) Bosch 1617 Router Mount
  • (1) Base Adapter
  • (1) Tramming Adapter.

Before buying them, what changes would need to be made?