220v Power cord

I’m getting a 4x10 with the 4HP spindle. I just ran a 220 line to support it buy I don’t know what type a socket to install. Does anyone know what type of power cord plug comes with the unit?

The type of power receptacle you need is listed right here:


With a 11A draw it seems a 30A breaker is a little high. Does it have a large startup inrush of current?

BTW, thanks. I’ve wired my entire new shop so I have plenty of 20A and 30A sockets

Since it ships with a 30amp plug (the ‘30’ in ‘L6-30’) it is best practice to match the circuit rating. There’s a note in place about protecting the inverter but I don’t know what that means honestly.

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Yeah but the price difference between a 10/2 and 12/2 is pretty high.