Advice for bearing replacements Pro 4896

I am looking for the easiest way when I need to replace the bearing blocks on all of the axises. I just purchased a used machine and it looks like it is in need of some new bearings. Do I have to remove the gantry/spindle, or can I just remove one of them at a time and replace it without issue? Don’t want to have to completely disassemble and reassemble if not needed.

If I can just pull one block at a time, do I need to provide any support to various areas to avoid damage?

This is how one of our users tackled it:

I think this is a pretty solid way to do it. You can always reach out to support to see if this is the preferred way.

Remember that if you do slide any bearing blocks off of the rails unless you still have the plastic retainers that came with them the ball bearings WILL fall out of the bearing block rendering it useless.

If you do order replacement bearing blocks from us they come with the retainers.

I have changed the Y axis bearings before and I did talk to the support team about it and indeed, the method in the video is more or less the same as they recommended. Change one bearing at a time. I had no need to use a jack to support the gantry, however, it might be a good idea because I had just a little trouble getting the bearings in and that might help.

Thanks all, I got all of the bearings replace in both y and x axis, was a little snug getting a few back in but with a little tap or two they all seated nicely. No more clickity clack and squeaking.

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