Anyone from Ocean County,NJ

Hey Fellow CNCer’s anyone on the list from Toms River,NJ? I am upgrading from a Shapeoko XXL t this Beast! SO I do have some newbie questios!

Hey welcome @RAY3208 !
Feel free to post your questions, you’re in the right spot :slight_smile:
Not sure who else is in close proximity to you but we all have similar machines so hopefully we can all pitch in on the forum here!
Best Regards,

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I am in Freehold, I am at spoilboard step, so soon it will be running full. Is there something specific you are looking to know?

At the time I wrote this post I had just got my machine and was looking to make some friends in the area who shared a similar interest! I am past the spoil board stage and have custom built my Vacuum system. Started cutting parts about 2 months ago! Which machine did you get?
Ray Russell Sr.

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Hi Ray. I’m up in Bergen County but pass through Ocean County occasionally.

You mention a custom vacuum system - any more details on that?

Ed T.

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i got the 6096 but will add on later this year. i would love to see your vacuum system one day, really interested in possibly doing something down the road.

i grew up in Ridgefield Park. have family still up there and ringwood so i head that way quite often.

Anytime you feel like spending a day at the Jersey Shore! I am in Toms River!


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