Assembly Help 48X48 Pro

Hello All Again

Moving along with the build here and I’m on the home stretch. Just started to install the sensors and run into a question as it don’t seem right to me. Installing the X sensor I pushed the X motor all the way over to the right side. Then I thread the sensor in and it dose not even hit the block? It says screw down till it hits the block then back out three turns. I double checked the instructions to make sure I had the block in the right place. 1.5" from the red bracket. The x it all the way over hitting the rubber bumper. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks Also how do I add a picture so I can show what I’m talking about?

The up arrow in the editor will upload an image.

Also, I had to move the sensor flags to match the sensor position. Is that what you are talking about?

Yes the square blocks on the back of the gantry.

Oh, yours is so much better than mine. Yes, hex driver, move the flag to work with the sensor position.

Just be advised that the distance is like 4mm for detection.

I would power up the sensor first before moving it because that could be close enough.

In case it’s not obvious, there are two adjustments here…

FIrst, moving the block sideways will change where the X “stop” is; the detection happens before the sensor is fully over the block but you can temporarily move it under the sensor to set the height of the sensor.

Second, for the sensor height, adjust the nut on TOP of the carriage to raise/lower the sensor until it just touches the block. Then turn the nut in three turns to raise the sensor away from the block a little. The second nut goes on the bottom of the sensor to hold it in place.

On mine, once I had the sensors wired and running, I moved the X to about 1/4" (6mm) from the hard stop, then moved the block until the little light inside the sensor just came on. That should be close to where Avid had you initially put it.

Ok thanks for the help. I will adjust it once powering it up and moved it with the light. That is a good idea.