Avid Pro4896 with recessed rotary and 2.8 JTECH photonics laser in Las Vegas, NV

For sale I have used this machine for a few years. I added a recessed rotary attachment (from avid) a few years ago. My regulary job (USAF) hasnt allowed me to play with it anymore. Needs to go. All in at $15000 with the rotary and 3 HP spindle and 2.8 Jtech Photonics laser

asking $12500. I can deliver with in southern Nevada or surrounding states for a fee
text for pictures 702-639-7911

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Can you send pictures and what does it include


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Complete 4 x 8 machine included is the rotary attachment that is installed recess. I also include the computer that sends the G code, which has mock three and mock four installed in it. I will even transfer over the V card pro subscription for half the cost

. If I figure out how to do that. I will send you pictures later on today. I’m at the airport at the moment.

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Please reach out if you have any questions. Is there something specific you want to be included?
The complete machine is included with the spindle and the computer to send the g code

The laser mounts into the spindle so you almost have . The whole work surface you can laser.

The vcarve pro will be sold in addition but at half price. I still use this software with my CO2 laser. But will buy the regular version when sold.


How much use has the laser and cnc been used roughly? Also are they nema 34 motors?


I’ve had the CNC for about four years. I used it for about two years as a part-time business. I always had my full-time job in the Air Force or as a contractor, so it was never full-time. Yes, it has the big motors the name of 34.

I’ve been really happy with it. I only had one issue when I first assembled it one of the gears came to defective. I contacted Avid and they probably sent me a replacement. I also have the original hockey style touch plate. And then I upgraded to the corner touch plate. All that is included. The rotary attachment is basically new. I have made a small wooden bat and a propeller blade replica. And that’s it. That thing is brand new.


I already have v carve pro and Mach 3 and Have a computer that runs my present cnc I,no need for the rotary at this moment. I live in San Francisco so I have a long drive to pickup so what is your bottom line price so we don’t waste our time


Give me a call so we can discuss. 7026397911. Tomorrow morning.

I am available the rest of the day

Attached is the cost with current prices,
not including taxes and frieght.
I am not parting out the rotary .

I have the 3HP spindle. That’s the only difference in the machine

Wondering if you sold the machine or not? Please
Let me know

The machine is still available.