Bird houses for the neighborhood kids

my dad and i made about 40 of these birdhouses for the kids.
i think my dad had more fun than the kids


here are the g-code files if anybody wants
bird house (20.5 KB)
build a few with some 3/8 plywood and a 1/8 endmill.
lets make sure there are no homeless birds

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Yeah, awesome! I make mine from used shipping pallets but so far I’ve been too scared of errant nails to process that material on the CNC.

I like your variety!

Those look great! How much time do you think you have into each one of them now that you have the process down?

it takes about 20 minutes to cut,about 20 minutes to glue ,and about 20 minutes to paint,im retired so i never try to go fast anymore,i played that game in the machine shops for 40 years…

i would guess for a person that wanted to go fast he could probably cut that time in half… i sit alot and take long coffee breaks during the glue up

i love retirement


As someone who has put up MANY bluebird boxes, putting a perch at the doorway is a big invitation to house sparrows. Also, the hole size, floor area and hole height above the floor need to be tailored to the intended species. I can’t tell from the photos whether the boxes are able to open up for clean-out but that’s important too. Also, I hope recipients are encouraged to not allow house sparrows to use the boxes. They are so hard on native species.

yes the boxes do come open for cleaning,the top lifts up off the floor. One easy sweep and the old nest is out. The small box with angled side has a hole of 1.25 and is made for the wrens and nut thatches the medium size box has a hole of 1.375 and the large box has a hole of 1.500, the blue birds like both of these boxes. I never encourage the discrimination of any species of bird, and all species are welcome. The birds here help keep the garden insects in check.

I use a metal detector or neodymium magnet to detect any stray pesky metal