Boring projects with-out any bling factor

Some weeks the project pieces are exciting, flashy & cool, while other weeks, Meh… :smiley:

I’m making more of these for a neighbor this weekend. He Uses quite a few of these every year working on various railings here and there. This last set I cut out on the AVIDcnc just two weekends back.


The part just gets a super simple flat pattern in CAD…

First up, I went in an punched all mounting holes for the 5/16in concrete anchors.

And after that it was back to zip out the contours.

All in all these turn out great with minimal slag cleanup… The material is 3/16in thick mild steel.


Soooo…, Nope, not to exciting. Nothing fancy, … just another set of parts knocked out for a neighbor of mine. They can’t all be flashy projects with tons of bling can they? :smiley:

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I am blown away by how clean they are!!

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Those are pretty par for the course. When I want super clean exact to size holes I run them 30% under-speed which the little program I use to tweak everything ‘plasma’ in my G-Code does automagically, but other than that, this is the way most parts come out in 3/16 material. Do others have a different experience with plasma + AVIDcnc + Hypertherm?