Cigar and Whiskey serving tray

A friend of mine enjoys on occasion a good cigar and a glass of whiskey so i made him this tray. the cigars are embedded in epoxy by the way…

let me know what you think fellow Avid’men


That looks great. What an awesome idea project. I may have to use this idea as a retirement gift for a coworker that is retiring next year.

Thanks Rick! I was just thinking what I could make my friend and this just sorta popped in my head.

Nice project and what an original idea. Would love to use your idea but don’t know anyone who likes a good cigar. Maybe some thinking will produce a new idea.

Turned out nice. As a gag, throw in a little hammer for when inventory is low. “In case of emergency, break glass”. Bet him a bottle he can’t free them :grin:

Hahaha that’s a good idea friend! Thank you all for the positive feedback. I’m working on something else that’s pretty original, I’ll post when complete at the end of the week