Custom ATC Tool Racks

Over the past few months of designing and building my AVID CNC, I was disappointed to find there was no off-the-shelf option for an ATC tool rack. Many of us are using the CNCDEPOT S30C or, if another brand, an ISO30 spindle and have resorted to the time-intensive process of creating and building our own racks/holders.

Beginning today, I am manufacturing and selling complete tool racks (forks and hardware included). These tool racks are fabricated using just-in-time manufacturing meaning any configuration is available at any time. 4 tool racks, 12 tool racks, 10 tool racks with extra spacing, extra fork heights for longer tooling, or anything in between. There are options for pickled & oiled or powder coated 3/16” A36 steel.

The lead-time for all variations is 6 business days for P&O or 10 business days with powder coating. Pricing for the most common configurations is $400 for a 10-tool holder (48” long) and $465 for 12 (60” long).

If you are interested, please visit

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You mentioned dust shoe ,what would you need for adding one with magnetic style dust shoe, and are you able to add software ? Thanks Harry_O