Cutting Cardboard

Hi, All, I am interested in making packing boxes for packing furniture. Does anyone have experience cutting corrugated sheets? Would appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks.

A drag knife would be good if you don’t have access to a large format laser

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Second that. I’ve done a lot of cardboard cutting with a drag knife and it works great


I made my dragknife on my avid. Using aluminum stock and a design I found online.
Grunblaugh drag knife

Uses utility knives and there’s a plugin for fusion to create the toolpath with swiveling in mind so that the knife moves out of the path, swivels and then aligns it to the next path.

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Fusion has the corner move and if you use carve its in the drawing tab where you add dogbone. I’m not at my machine right now but you would expect it in the tool path tab but it’s drain in as a corner when you design. Just my two pennies.

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