Oscillating or Drag Knife Cutting

Anyone using these on their Avid machine? Would love to hear about it.

This is one that looks promising:

There’s some more info located on this page Donek Drag Knife | Avid CNC

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I looked at those, but balked at the price. $269… :woozy_face: am I missing something?

That’s roughly the going rate for these, even in other brands. The Donek one is good quality. I’ve had mine for years and used it on a lot of projects (And even crashed it a few times) and it’s solid as the day it was new.

You can run them on an Avid CNC (or just about any other CNC) the real magic you need to make these work is good toolpathing. You can find that in Vectric’s Dragknife toolpath that’s included in VCarve and Aspire.


That is the one thing that I bought with my AVID that I have never used. I added a laser to my AVID and now can’t seem to find any need for the drag knife. From watching the videos on YouTube it looks like they work pretty well.

Check out stupid simple tools. Great price great dragknife.

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I don’t understand the price either, planning to follow this diy one. Platform CNC | Making a Drag Knife - YouTube

If you have Amazon look up stupid, simple tools they have great prices on there drag knife I think I paid 60 bucks for his drag knife

I use a drawknife to cut 1.4mm ski base material. It works great. If you are using Fusion 360, buy the Dragknife add on. It works great.

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I have the donek drag knife and it works great. I use Vetrics drag knife gadget and have done some nice inlays with veneer. This is about 3 inches at the widest point.


I’m on the same page as you. Bought and yet still to use.

Worse thing is, I could not decide which size to buy so got both sizes. D1 & D2.

I need to set a side some time set these up and start using.

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I got the SST drag knife. More features than that ridiculously priced Donek thing, and a fraction of the price.

I have no affiliation with SST, but have several of their tools now and they’re all excellent quality. And they’re very keen to have extended tool chats on the phone if you have questions. Or just like to talk about tools!

And their website is packed with sneaky little quips that make me chuckle.

I’ve had really good luck with their tools so far. I have their tramming tool and it’s great