Demo Mode on a timer

Hi everyone, is there a way to turn off demo mode so it won’t time out in the middle of the run on my Mach4 hobby router. I read about changing a motion setting but didn’t see it in the configure settings. Thank you all for any help on this. New laptop with a fresh install if that helps.

Why are you running in demo mode? If you have a license just load it and you won’t have to deal with the demo’s limitations.

Hi JJ, my boss had to swap out our computers to run the machine, he loaded the software and told me it was working, jogging the machine etc. I ran a program and it stopped after a few minutes and the Demo timed out was the message. I found the DAT license file and tried to load it after I posted this and got the above errors saying it was the wrong license for some reason. Maybe I will try shutting down everything, reloading the software and try again, maybe he only loaded a demo version ha ha. Thank you.

ah. so the license is tied to your computer, but it is transferable. You just need to log into your New Fangled Solutions account and hit the “manage my licenses” button. There you can deactivate the license for the old computer, and generate a new key for the new one and download it and install. Then you can run in full Hobby or Industrial mode, dending on which one you have.

Thank you very much. The guy that had the account was terminated so still some hoops to jump through but on the right track now for sure.