Displaying millimeters but moving in inches

Have just finished building a new PRO6060: I have units set to mm in Mach4, but the machine is moving in inches. (i.e., 1mm indicated = 1in of actual movement).

I am sure this is a simple setup issue.

It could be the G Code you’re running, can you post it here?

To expand on Eric’s comment, your CAD/CAM software might have an option to embed a units selection into the G-code program. If the program contains a “G20” command, then the units will switch to inches and stay there unless/until a “G21” is commanded. From the Mach 4 G-code milling manual:

G20/G21 – Unit selection: Programming units are selected using G20 for inch and G21 for millimeter.
Use these G codes to specify the units in the program only; the setting will not affect Mach DRO’s,
configuration settings, or offsets.