Mach4 display inch and mm side by side?

Question…is there a way to display the inch and mm side by side in the Mach4 dro?

Thank you!

You can, but you’ll have to edit your screen. You can add another DRO that shows MM next to inch.

I guess the question is: why do you want to do this?

I’m in the US, which is stuck with inch/feet, and it is what I know. I really wish we would suck it up and move to metric!

I switched to milliinches but it didn’t help…

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I use both…usually with smaller items I use mm and bigger stuff like carpentry tend to use inches.

I woke up one day and I was all metric. Crazy part is the transition was pretty much automatic. Nice round numbers and no crazy math. It really does push out the weirdness that we live with.

One trick is switch over to the MDI and set a carboard box in the middle of the spoilboard. Then start small and type small moves around the box after you do a G21. You mess up you will have to bury the poor box in the backyard but if the neighbors see nuff’n, well…

I will tell you now, trying to do the conversion from metric to imperial in your head isn’t the way to go. Instead forget imperial and just live metric. Get a metric ruler (nice stainless steel one at 150mm) and a metric only digital caliper. Live with that for the next 6 months and inches will become alien really quickly.

And don’t worry, you can stay imperial in your car. I do.

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