Inches To Decimal to MM chart

Hey all! We put together a PDF chart that is Fractional Inches > Decimal Inches > MM for you all. Feel free to print it off and keep it near your machine if you’d like.

If anyone would like this in a different form let me know. We were thinking about making a 16:9 desktop background too.

Avid CNC Conversion Chart 1.pdf (488.1 KB)

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Perfect!! Thanks!! I can use that…

Nice chart. Is 1" really equal to 25.4001 mm? I have never seen anything except 25.4 but that maybe because few are interested in .0001 mm accuracy.

One inch is, by definition, exactly 25.4 millimeters. At least since the 60’s

You’re right. I’ll clean that up! wanted to make sure the conversions wet out to over 4 decimal places and I got a little overzealous.

You should got to 5 or more digits, and round accordingly, to keep the 4th digit correct.


Hey Eric! I printed this out an the fractions are to small can you make them a little bigger? :roll_eyes::grin:

Did you print it 8.5 x 11?

Yes I did… I even put some new ink in too…