Dust Boot/Hose grounding

I have a dust collector hose with the wire in it, I have it grounded to the dust collector at one end. Should I ground the end on the dust boot, if so where do I ground it to?

One end is fine. You can connect to anything that is earth ground which your DC chassis should be.

Note that if it is not specified as a static dissipative hose (that means they make the hose material slightly conductive), then grounding the wire may not actually help much.

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I always thought that it was a myth that you need to ground the hose, given the small concentrations of dust that are involved (mostly it’s chips).

On the other hand, I can see that the wire is very useful for keeping its shape, i.e. to stop it collapsing in on itself when the air is flowing quickly through it (low pressure).

I certainly haven’t enjoyed getting shocked when using my DeWalt planer. Thankfully, the CNC doesn’t seem to generate the same level of static.

It is a static dissipative hose, I have it grounded to the dust collector and confirmed it has contnuity to the ground wire to the panel. Thanks!!!