ER32 Spanners for 8.7hp spindle

Hi All,

Apologies if this has has been asked before, but i’ve searched and cannot find anything related!

I am looking to get a new spanner for the 8.7hp spindle. I have already found plenty of ER32 spanners, but can anyone tell me what I need to be looking for for the other one (That holds the spindle)

Also, i’ve seen an ER32 torque wrench, is this worth buying to ensure I don’t knacker my spindle? As it stands my Dad is unable to undo the spindle if I’ve tightened it!

Looking at this ‘spare’ ER32 spanner C-Spanner for HSK-63F ER32 Clamping Nut | Scott+Sargeant UK (

Edit: Should have added, I’m in the UK


You are in luck, the nuts for the ER32 are the same. Spindle type doesn’t change the design. You will find them for cheap on Amazon.

Buy like 3 or 4 of them because the will wander off. I swear they have legs…