Iso 30 tightening fixture

What are you guys using to hold the tool holders? Ive been using a large wrench to hold it and then tighten with a spanner. It works but I want something nicer. I’ve seen them at $300 plus and to be honest seems a bit much for that, haven’t seen anything really reasonable yet. What do you guys use?

Large 60mm adjustable wrench and an ER32 clamping nut wtench…

Thats exactly what im using now.:slightly_smiling_face:

You just make one, I think. Worst case, send cut send on a piece of plate with the right cutouts. Imagine something keyhole shaped.

I thought about it… for about 5 seconds.

While I am partnering with Send Cut Send to make all of the sheet metal parts for the carousel and dust manifold, their edge quality is typical laser cut and I have no interest in marring my expensive tapers.

But don’t let my laziness stop you :rofl:

I machined my own. Do you want the CAD file? Here it is: Fusion

FYI: The torque for an ER32 in a ISO30 is really high;

ISO30 retention knobs; ISO 30 Taper 0.535" 3/8" 36 ft/lbs
ER32 Collet w/Slotted Nuts; 100 ft/lbs

Techniks USA:


Same as above. Machined my own. Fusion 360 file attached
ISO30 Tool Vise v14.f3d (228.4 KB)