ESS not responding when I open Mach 4 (New user)

I have just purchased an assembled my 4 x 8 pro Avid CNC. I have installed Ed Mack four haven’t fully completed the license process yet having difficulty with that. When I launch mock for the first message that comes up is.ESS not responding at IP. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I am more mechanical than technical

Everything’s all hooked up and on and then turned on mock? Get the license squared away and then try it again

  1. You can double-check that you installed the Avid version of Mach 4 from here following the step-by-step instructions found here, including the ESS configuration.

  2. The CNC power needs to be on before opening Mach 4. To check this, close Mach 4, turn the machine off, wait 10 seconds, turn the machine back on, and reopen Mach 4. This can be a good step to take in general when you run into problems during Mach startup.

  3. Avid’s technical support is very helpful. I got stuck, and they walked me through solving my problem on a video call.