Expansion Pins - Avid breakout board

Hi all,

Quick question. I am working on adding an additional input to my 5x5 Pro CNC router. The Avid ESS breakout board has a full strip of additional input point (15 or 16 I think), which the avid docs reference as NPN inputs for expansion. (And they don’t say much more about them). I have not had any success locating these inputs in the Avid, ESS, or Mach 4 configurations. Maybe I overlooked it? Google also seems clueless about it, so here I am asking ……. Does anyone know where these inputs map to?

Have you seen this? Schematics - CNC Controller Technical Manual

That just what I needed. Thanks a bunch. Don’t know how I missed it.

You can also pick off the port 3 pins from the top of the ESS, there are a lot of unused ones there.