Normally Closed Sensors

I am in the process of procuring a PRO6060 and i will need to setup two “touch-off” sensors. One will be on an additional A-Axis on my gantry that will have a high precision touch probe attached. The second will be a similar switch mounted to the table, much like a tool height setter. Ideally i would like these both to be N.C. switches, as I would like my sensor to “fail” if there is an issue with the probe. In addition, I potentially will have these two sensors run in series to share a single input, which would make N.C. switches much more advantageous. However, when I look at the schematics for the M12 sensor inputs, it says Pin 2 (Normally Closed) is not populated. Is it not possible to connect a NC sensor to the baseline setup as purchased from AVID? Does the ESS not accept NC inputs?

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If you look in the control box there’s a circuit board behind those M12 connectors. The NC wire isn’t populated through those.

However you can get panel mount M12 connectors and wire them into your control card that way. You can wire in the NC or NO wires as you see fit and configure them in Mach. There are lots of open holes on the control box for you to do this.

Thank you. So the limitation is just in the baseline wiring of the M12 connectors, not an actual limitation of the ESS itself?

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That’s correct. Check that schematic, there may be some open screw terminals you could use. You’d wire them in just like the NO sensors, but use NC ones instead.

If you’re lacking in screw terminals you might be able to use the little expansion board we use for the laser:

If you check that guide you’ll see the red circuit board we provide with that kit. That opens up a few extra inputs and outputs for the ESS that users use for the laser. You can also see how we do the panel mount M12s.

That may be an inexpensive way for you to go. If you contact support they might be able to sell you just that board and some M12 panel connectors.

Another way to go would be to put a WarpRunner card in. (We use those for plasma) those sit on top of the ESS. They expose a few more inputs and outputs but they are likely a lot more expensive than the laser board.

I think @jjneeb uses a Warprunner right?

No, I had been using a ribbon cable and generic breakout board I got from Amazon to easily connect to port 3 on the ESS. I would recommend the AVID laser BOB though if they will sell you one because it mounts solidly to the ESS and is well labeled with ESS signal names.

Ah ok, for some reason I thought you were on a warp runner. A cheap breakout board makes a lot more sense.

Thank you for pointing out the additional BOB that AVID has for the laser modification. I will see if i can get my setup accomplished on the existing configuration, but will keep that in my back pocket for future growth.