Looking for a "real" schematic for Bob the Avid breakout board

Does anyone out there have a “real” schematic for BOB the Avid breakout board. One that shows what pins go where, part numbers for IC’s, values for resisters, etc. I got no when I asked Avid but maybe somebody out there got a yes.

I don’t think Avid has released that level or detail. They do have the pin out diagram.

If you want to make your own, it’s just 3 parallel ports to the edge. Follow Ohms Law and be sure to use lots of inline capacitors to reduce noise.

The thing to remember is all that ESS is is a FPGA based parallel port simulator with a TCP/IP server. It’s just 3 parallel ports. Nothing fancy.

If you have the time you can make a better ESS using the RPI2040 and the Pico IO library, skipping all of that FPGA crap. It would be a higher frequency step generator and cost about $5 to produce including a higher capacity and faster speed Ethernet interface.

Thanks for the reply. Being an electrical engineer I’m used to knowing exactly what I’m working with so having the schematic would be really nice. I could trace it out myself but it would be nicer if Avid would just release it.

Thanks again.

BTW there is an error in your Plug and Play CNC Controller Technical Manual v2022Q1.3, 21.2 Model Revision on page 28. Relay 2 Control Switch is on pin 19 not 16 which is an input.

If it would help resolve the schematic issues I would be glad to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Thanks again for your consideration.