G-Code not starting

Has anybody experienced this? Router turns on at zero x y position, but doesn’t go any further. It’s happened on the last 2 projects. The 1st I gave up on.

Does it show anything when you click the History button in the lower left corner of your Mach screen? It might be telling you there’s an error.

Can you post the first 20 lines or so of your G-code?

It showed I am out of soft limits. So, looking at the tool path preview, it appears the bottom of my project is below the Y limits. How do I adjust that.

You can either set your Y zero location further back, or you can adjust the file itself. It looks like this file may be set for 0,0 being in the middle of the mask, not lower left corner?

Thanks. I figured it out. I clicked something on accident in the tool path tab, putting me outside the limits. I appreciate the assistance.